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Merging the art & science of asset management


Advisory Services: Risk Management
Product Strategy
Invesment Strategy

We begin each project with extensive research and evaluation to ensure the risk and objectives are clearly outlined. The ideas and conclusions generated from this analytical process serve as the fundamental building blocks in helping plan and create investment, tools and products. We work closely with our clients to ensure a successful roadmap is in place as we embark on each investment.

Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering Services : Advisory service
Structured products
Research & Evaluation
Products Structuring & Management

Financial engineering is a set of techniques which aims to match with the objectives of optimal revenues for the client, according to the risk he is willing to take. The goal of our financial engineering department - based in Switzerland - is to deliver financial products which fit with the client's needs, by providing conditions which are not available on the traditionnal markets.
The liquidity of all of these products is guaranteed, which means that the client can sell his product whenever he wants. These products are listed in a secondary market wich is driven by the banks and regulated by the country of origin of the product.

Asset Management

Asset Management Services: Advisory service
Financail Engineering Service
Asset Management
Exclusive Strategy
Private meeting & reporting
Special event

Trading on the stock market almost inevitably leads to losing money. If you don’t want to manage your capital yourself, or haven’t got time, entrust it to Patrigest. Our managers will build your wealth on sustainable and ever growing method thanks to their financial acumen.

Having chosen the bank in which you intend to deposit your funds you may decide to ask Patrigest to manage your affairs. If so, you will authorize Patrigest to manage your capital, i.e. spread your investments in the best possible way and determine the opportune moment to carry out operations. Through a power of attorney, Patrigest will have the right to execute all kind of operation linked to the asset management activity. This excludes the rights of making transfers from your account or withdraw any money from it. The use of advance management techniques such as options, futures and other structured products is of course part of the service.

Tailor made

Tailor Made Services: Advisory Service
Financial Engineering
Asset Management
Private Product Deployment


The tailor-made approach is the perfect solution regarding structured products for both private and institutionnal clients. During several meetings between the client and his asset manager, they decide together which is the best investment strategy to adopt. Whatever the risk profile of the client is, from a very conservative to an ultra dynamic approach, Patrigest's managers will be able to propose healthy products, corresponding to the real needs of the client.
At Patrigest, as an independent asset management company which does not distribute any own products, our managers can freely propose the best solutions, without any conflict of interest.