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Patrigest, the independent asset management solution


Underlying: Stocks

Our products are all linked to an underlying, which are basically one of the following :
Stocks: European, American, other geographical regions (Emerging Markets)
Bonds: Government, Corporate (high yields)
Commodities: Agriculture, Metals (precious and/or industrials), Energies


Stocks: European
Emerging Markets

Patrigest offers a wide range of structured products with, as underlying, mainly U.S. stocks, European stocks, commodities and hedge funds.

All these Underlying can be matched, for example, with a capital guarantee - thus greatly limit the risk - to change the currency, again to limit the risk by eliminating the "currency risk " or seeking to obtain an annual coupon.

Patrigest managers will be happy to explain in detail every facet of such products and guide you to what suits you best.

Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds:Low Risk
Low Volatility
Performance decorrelated from the market trends

Hedge funds is a very diverse set of methods or strategies rather specialized asset management, technical and focused on a very specific niche market. The hedge itself has the following objectives to achieve a level of absolute performance, preferably stable, uncorrelated with the overall trend of the market, while minimizing risks and ensuring capital invested


Metals (precious and/or industrials)

In an uncertain macroeconomic environment, raw materials provide both a source of revenue and capital preservation. Why? First, due to their low correlation – or negative – with other asset classes (stocks, bonds). In other words, when the stock market crumbles, commodities tend to rise. Gold, for example, is known as a good asset to face risks of collapse of equity markets, sovereign debt, inflation and  depreciating U.S. dollar. However, betting on a single commodity means taking a significant risk, like investing in isolated stocks. To minimize the risk, we suggest investors to select a diversified basket of commodities, to be exposed to the general trend of these assets.
The underlying of this product is a composite index of 36 commodities from each class – energy, agriculture and metals – and the weighting of each commodity is determined by its weight in daily consumption in the world. The objective of this index is to reflect the cost of every day life and survival on earth.